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Concrete Slab Services

Most houses have a foundation that supports floors and load-bearing walls which consist of a footing, walls, and then the floors. Some are built on a concrete slab that provides a base for the structure, the Basement, and a floor for the garage. Some houses that do not need a basement level are built using concrete piers, such as vacation homes by water. Concrete slabs are used in both residential and commercial types of buildings. There are different types of concrete strengths depending on the use of the slab. A foundation is poured concrete that is raised and makes the perimeter of the house so that the house can then be built up from it. In the colder climates, hot water and additives are put in the concrete to make it dry and harden correctly. A good foundation and slab is a very important part of a house as it supports all of the weight from the structure on top of it. Sometime steel is added to both the foundation and the slab to make it stronger.

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